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None of these weapons are nearly as perilous as the Joker's lethal toxin Smylex, made from the Clown Prince of Crime himself. The toxin forces its victims to laugh themselves to Dying, leaving a considerable rictus grin on their own faces.

Grant Morrison's graphic novel Arkham Asylum indicates the Joker's mental point out is in reality a Earlier unparalleled sort of "super-sanity," a method of ultra-sensory notion. In addition it suggests that he has no accurate personality of his own, that on any specified day he is usually a harmless clown or simply a vicious killer, based on which might gain him the most (As a result explaining the two quite various interpretations of your character which have formulated more than the a long time; see beneath).

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Despite his Loss of life, the Joker's prison mastermind and homicidal legacy would survive For several years. Whilst the people of Gotham Metropolis ended up freed from the villain, a number of teen Avenue gangs have been fashioned to honor the Clown Prince of Criminal offense's damaging legacy, most notably J-Gentleman and Terminal, While these, contrary to the Joker, had been primarily insignificant petty criminals and almost never killed people.[23] Return

Not So Humorous Can it be?: The Joker hits his opponent having a canister of laughing gas with sends them on to an electric chair. Inside a darkish area the Joker then whacks them in The top 2 times together with his crowbar and flips a change, electrocuting the opponent which lights dynamite under the opponent, producing it to explode.

Afterwards, the Joker escaped from Arkham once again and the ultimate confrontation amongst him and Batman came about within a household of mirrors, wherever the Joker was recaptured.[31] Eventually for the duration of considered one of his common crimes, the Joker came upon a person disguised as Batman and he killed the innocent, believing he was the actual Batman.

In Individuals several times, the Joker seems to regret his many murders and wishes to reevaluate his life. He is returned to his normal self soon afterward.

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Joker then smeared his individual blood on Damien's experience resulting in him to tumble underneath the consequences from the Joker Venom in Joker's blood. Damien collapse to the ground having a smile on his encounter although Joker snatches away the crowbar he had been sufferer to.

After the Joker is arrested over again, he underestimates The existing Robin (Damian Wayne), by trying to gain the Boy Surprise's pity prior to the Clown Prince of Crime starts his tries on killing the younger hero. Rather, he gets a beating that has a crowbar (mirroring Jason Todd's murder) from Robin, whom he realizes can be a son of his aged foe soon after noting the resemblance involving the child and the initial Batman.

LEGO launched a line of licensed products based on Batman. The Joker is showcased in two sets; just one together with his purple helicopter from your Motion picture, while Batman pilots his Batwing and the 2nd having a Joker themed ice product truck, even though Batman drives the Tumbler. The Joker's appearance is analogous for the common likeness within the comics.

Also, he even has his possess code of ethics and honor, as throughout the Residing Hell arc, he tells Warren White, aka Terrific White Shark, that he's An even bigger monster than he was, admitting that when He's a killer, even he will not steal from the child's college cash. He was also sane ample to understand when he actually fully commited against the law or not, as evidenced because of the Joker: Devil's Advocate arc exactly where he was being placed on Demise row because many people today experienced died of Joker venom from licking postage joker stamps, and he describes even after remaining sentenced to death row that he viewed as himself innocent in the crime since even he wouldn't stoop down as very low and easily as just inserting joker venom on stamps for folks to die from licking it, and might have operated on the Substantially smarter level specified his qualifications of the legal mastermind, something which even Batman agreed with.

That’s when an ambulance pushed by two clown-masked rioters slams in to the cop car, knocking out Arthur Fleck/Joker and a lot more grievously injuring the policeman driving the patrol car.

Returning to Gotham City, the thug shaped his own gang and staged a theft within the Ace Chemical Plant, which was thwarted by Batman. Both due to the fact Batman threw him, or he stumbled soon after having punched, the thug fell off a catwalk and into a drainage vat of chemical squander that washed him out into the river, shifting his life for good.